Klai Kangwon Palace

The King of Thailand’s Klai Kangwon summer palace was built in the early twentieth century and is is located just north of Hua Hin. It is built next to the sea and the gardens are lavish and decorated with many exotic plants and flowers from all over the world. There are also large lakes within the grounds which are open to the public in the morning and the afternoon for locals and tourists to visit and see up close the spectacular scenery. If you are going to visit, please remember to dress appropriately. 

The palace is protected around the clock by Thailand’s military. If you look our to sea you will spot several Thai Navy ships moored around a kilometre from the shore in the Gulf of Thailand. At night, the ships are light up the horizon beautifully with their green lights and make a stunning backdrop for those eating at the numerous sea front and beach restaurants.

Maruekatayawan Palace

Maruekatayawan (Mrigadayavan) Palace is one of the oldest and most attractive royal palaces in Thailand.
The Maruekatayawan Palace was constructed by His Majesty King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) in 1923 as a place where he could fully relax in great comfort amid a naturally serene atmosphere.
The architectural design of the raised-floor wooden palace, with its three sections facing the sea, was drafted by the Monarch himself.



Following the completion of the interior decoration in 1924, the King gave it his first visit and stay. His last visit to this seaside palace was made only a few months before his demise in 1925.
This palace is noted for three two - storeyed wooden pavilions facing the sea, and is referred to as "the palace of love and hope". Series of halls are linked together throughout the palace. Residential halls of the royal consort members are located on the right wing. The central group of halls which is the royal residence consist of royal sitting and relaxing rooms, accommodations for close royal servants called Phisan Sakhon Hall, and the reading room.

In addition, Samoson Sewakamat Hall, a two-storey open pavilion, is used as a meeting place, and sometimes as a theater. Two important dramas were shown on this stage in 1941 : "Phra Ruang" and "Wiwah Phra Samut". Chao Phraya Ramrakhop ordered a statue of King Vajiravudh, as a royal dedication, to be enshrined in the hall of Marukhathaiyawan Palace. An annual rite is conducted on November 25, the aniversary of King Vajiravudh's death.

This is one of the many attractive places in Thailand that is a must to visit. This teakwood treasure (known for convenience as "The Wooden Palace") stands on Hua Hin beachfront and, now restored. It is proudly billed as "The Longest Golden Teak Palace in the World ". This palace is only a few minutes by car from Hua Hin.
The palace is open to the public daily from 08.00-16.00. Entrance fee: adults 30bath, children 15bath.